Transformational Massage

Tranformational Massage what is it and how can it help?

Transformational Massage - available from Autumn 2021

What is Transformational Massage?

Transformational massage is a comprehensive six week programme which will help you to reduce physical and/or emotional pain, allowing you to move more freely in life whilst rediscovering your inner strength.

How does Transformational Massage work?


Transformational massage is a series of six sessions over six weeks, and combines physical bodywork and motivational coaching.
The body is very adept at storing emotional trauma, and our minds have a habit of derailing from the path we are destined to be on.


This six week practical and hands on package will delve into where you want to be going in life, whilst the massage deals with any blocked energy, or stored emotional trauma, along the way.


It's not for the faint hearted! You will be asked to reprogram your thoughts, challenge yourself, and step outside your comfort zone, in order to gain control over your life, and deal with issues that have been holding you back.
Your therapist will however, make it fun, safe and supportive.


The clue is in the title, you will be transformed. How much by....... depends on you!


This will be available towards the end of 2021, if you are interested in being in the pilot programme, please get in touch. 

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