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Dr Sarah Hadfield

Mind-Body Practitioner 

About Sarah


My name is Sarah Hadfield and I'm a Mind-Body Practitioner .

I have been a GP since 2004, working at the Neetside Surgery in Bude from 2016 until 2020.

From early on in my career, I started to get a sense that the bio-medical model for understanding human illness and disease was limited.  I saw many patients who were feeling constantly unwell but no cause could be found and no physical treatment ever seemed to really help.  Even if a medical cause was identified, treating this often didn’t seem to make the person feel much better. 


I started to see patterns between stress, life experiences, mental health imbalance and the development of physical symptoms and disease.  It seemed clear to me that psychological, emotional and social factors were just as important as any physical disease process.  In fact, it became increasingly obvious that these other factors were actually the root cause of much of the physical suffering I was trying to treat.


Although many of my colleagues could also see that there was something more going on, it was hard to find anyone who shared my passion for understanding the mind-body connection and how it manifests in physical symptoms, illness and disease. 

So I set forth to learn more, and over the past few years I have trained in various psychotherapeutic and experiential techniques, as I have deepened my understanding of how it all fits together.


Over that time I have learned so much about how our thoughts and feelings shape our physical health.  I have met many inspirational teachers in other healing disciplines and other doctors from all over the world, who have guided me towards incorporating this understanding in my work.


In 2020, I founded First Light Clinic where I work with clients from a whole person perspective. This means understanding health in the context of life experiences, recognising places where the mind and body are out of balance, and learning techniques that bring the whole system back into equilibrium, allowing natural healing and recovery to take place.


I am really excited about bringing my work to the community who live in and around Bude.


Qualifications and Memberships

I am a practising GP in the UK (MBChB and MRCGP) and am a fully licensed member of the General Medical Council.

I am a certified Focusing Practitioner, Mindfulness Teacher and Havening TechniquesⓇ Practitioner.  I am a member of The Havening Organisation (, The British Focusing Association ( and The Association for Contextual Behavioural Science (

I am fully bound by the codes of practice and ethical frameworks of all of the above organisations.