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Sarah Fairbairn

 Massage Therapist

About Sarah

My name is Sarah Fairbairn and I'm a Massage Therapist.

I believe it is my life purpose to make the people around me feel a little bit better, in any way that I can.

When I stopped working in many unsuitable careers and stumbled into massage therapy, the world suddenly opened up.
I love my job! 
It allows me to be the person I was meant to be, helping others overcome pain, grief, trauma and stress with kindness and patience.
I set up my business Shore Massage Therapy as I believe that massage should be an integral part of any healthcare plan. The benefits of manual therapy are many. From just allowing you the space and time to relax to helping with a new or on-going injury. I aim to make you feel better as soon as possible.

I attained qualifications in the Complete Bodywork Diploma taught at the School of Bodywork in Exeter. I am fully insured and am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapies. I am trained to discuss your overall health and can assess your needs so you get the perfect massage to benefit any pre-existing conditions you may have.

I am currently training in Systematic Kinesiology, which is a fantastic way for me to find out what your deeper health issues are, even if your conscious mind is totally unaware of them.

Adding a health and wellness coach qualification by the end of 2021 will ensure that I can guide you towards your health goals in the most effective and rewarding way.

 At the start of our journey, my wonderful clients don’t realise they are coming to me for anything more than a nice, relaxing rub; but once they realise the power of manual therapy to move energies around, boost their immune systems and generally make them feel amazing, they’re hooked.

I have helped children overcome anxiety, ambulance staff to be able to work again, nurses to feel better about themselves, overwrought new mums to have some precious time to themselves, post-operative patients to reduce their scar tightness, insomniacs to sleep again and sleepy people to wake up! I also believe I helped someone to get married – but that’s another story.....

Having lived in or near this glorious coastline for most of my life, I am excited to be working alongside the amazing therapists at the Bude Wellness Centre and absolutely cannot wait to meet you!