Nutrition and Health Coaching what is it and how can it help?

What is Nutrition & Health Coaching?

Nutrition and Health Coaching is a way of empowering people to adopt habits that enable them to have a healthier future. It helps them to gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to address their personal health and lifestyle issues, achieve their goals, and maximise their health and wellbeing.

Nutrition and Health Coaches are supportive mentors, who work with people to make healthy changes by using a combination of techniques and coaching skills, alongside their personalised nutrition and lifestyle knowledge. Nutrition and Health Coaches provide: wellness and nutrition information, options, guidance, recommendations, support and motivation.


Like a fitness or personal trainer, who keeps your exercise goals in focus, our health coach can help you establish and sustain healthier lifestyle routines, and achieve your personal health goals.

Not everyone knows what they should be doing to improve their health and prevent diseases. It is not just working out what to eat — things like exercise, sleep, relaxation, creativity, work/life balance, spirituality and positive social interaction are all areas of your life that affect your health just as much as the food you choose. Even if you do know, you may be struggling with the minefield of conflicting diets, information, and studies, or with the motivation to implement changes. Our coach can hone in on the information that is relevant to you and your individual needs, as well as helping you with goal-setting strategies, support, motivation and accountability.

Our coach can also help you figure out blocks to your goals. For example, if an individual has an issue with unnecessary snacking through the afternoon at work, a coach might help them realise that they are not getting enough protein and healthy fats at lunchtime; or their lunch might be fine, but intense stress at work might be causing emotional eating in the form of excessive snacking. Here figuring out the real trigger for the snacking can help the individual make an effective change.

What can Nutrition and Health Coaching help with?

  • Managing weight in a healthy, positive, sustainable way – no judgement, no shaming, no dieting!

  • Developing strategies to incorporate more physical activity into your daily routine — if joining a gym or going for a run seems daunting, don’t worry, there are numerous other ways to increase your physical activity levels!

  • Digestive wellness

  • Improving immunity

  • Sleep habits

  • Skin

  • Joints

  • A healthy pregnancy

  • Managing stress effectively

  • Improving energy

  • Foods for sport

  • Foods for different stages of life

  • Foods and lifestyle changes after a medical diagnosis 

  • Implementing a healthier lifestyle

  • Food cravings and emotional eating

  • Planning tasty, nourishing meals

  • Choosing wholesome foods and ingredients (and highlighting which 'healthy foods' are really healthy!)

  • Supporting you in improving your diet

  • And other lifestyle, nutritional or health goals

Our Nutrition and Health Coach also trained as a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner with Dr Deanna Minich. Dr Minich describes Food & Spirit™ as a "science-based holistic system" that brings together food and lifestyle approaches in order to heal people.

A Nutrition and Health Coach is not a GP, Registered Nutritionist or Dietitian and therefore will not diagnose, or prescribe medicine. Instead they will support you in making positive changes to your health and lifestyle, or whilst you implement any changes recommended by your medical practitioner.

To find out more about Nutrition and Health Coaching, Food & Spirit™, or to arrange a consultation, please follow the link below:

Our Nutrition and Health Coach

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