Holistic Beauty Treatments what are they?

What are Holistic Beauty Treatments?

Holistic beauty treatments focus on more than just beauty and appearance. They invoke relaxation and combine the treatment with massage and a well being experience.

Our Holistic Beauty Therapist offers several treatments as listed below:


Moroccan Back – exfoliation, cleanse and candle massage – 40 minutes £40

A back massage with a difference!


The scent of roses flow into the treatment room, the sound of the Moroccan drum beats in time with the rhythm of your heartbeat,  and sets the mood to enhance your multi-sensory experience.


The treatment starts with an exfoliation with Hammam Spa 'Kessa Mitts to encourage the removal of dead skin cells. A hot towel is then placed on your back to open your pores and then your back is cleansed with fair trade sourced Moroccan Black Beidi Soap which is a great emollient and moisturiser. Rich in vitamin E it is revitalising, and counters dehydration and ageing. 
Our therapist follows this with a Melted Otto Rose candle. The natural soy wax, mixed with almond oil and shea butter melts at a low temperature, allowing the therapist to pour the hand-hot, soy wax onto your back and use it as a luxury massage medium. This gives a divine back massage, leaving you deeply relaxed and your skin silky smooth.


This treatment touches all senses and brings texture, warmth, scent, therapeutic, cleansing and hydrating benefits of both massage and skin treatment together in one. It is a wonderful journey into warmth and tranquility.

Benefits of this wonderful treatment include:

• Relieves lower back pain and tension from upper back

• Reduces stiffness and improves flexibility
• Stimulates lymphatic drainage
• Releases “feel good” chemicals
• Helps remove toxins
• Eases stress and 
improves sleep

Rose Otto is a powerful ingredient as it fights depression, reduces inflammation and has anti oxidant effects.


Face the World Facial ® - 50 minutes - £50

Combine the effects of touch, skin rejuvenation, music therapy and aromatherapy during a blissful, multi-sensory facial.
This facial is a unique treatment whereby the music, aromas, techniques, temperatures and textures, represent a different country and take you on a heavenly sensory voyage around the world. 


 Rain Forest STEP 1 :Deep cleanse and tone

Your journey starts with the lush canopy of a tropical rainforest. Experience the ultimate deep cleanse, with the cooling lotions and refreshing aromas of peppermint, orange flower and galbanum.


 Australia STEP 2 : Exfoliation

Accompanied by the deep vibrations of Aboriginal music, the natural scrub with rejuvenating aromas of eucalyptus, tonka bean and bergamot, remove skin debris and toxins. This leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and receptive for the next phase of the journey.


 Tibet STEP 3 : Massage

Allow yourself to soar over the mountains and monasteries of Tibet, whilst enjoying the heady aromas of patchouli and nutmeg. Experience an ancient Eastern, balancing facial pressure point massage, that works on the Chakras throughout your whole body. This moves you into deeper realms of relaxation whilst your facial lymphatic system is purified and our therapist treats you to a neck and shoulder massage.


 Ocean Rain and Waves  STEP 4 : Mask and mini treatment

As the raindrops patter onto your skin, rest assured that each drop is packed with vitamins, minerals and cutting edge nutrients. Then float away listening to ocean waves, whilst being further indulged with your choice of either a mini relaxing Indian Head Massage, a revitalising Thai Foot Massage, or a soothing Tibetan Hand Massage.


 South Africa   STEP 5 : Moisturise

Finally you head home over the grand planes of South Africa, listening to the powerful, soul stirring, native choral singing, smelling the scent of sweet aromas of local violets and rambling rose. Gentle sweeps will deliver all the final ingredients to moisturise your skin.


All Face The World® products have been developed especially to create, a truly luxurious and result-driven facial experience. They contain natural active ingredients, are completely free from parabens, and have been developed responsibly without animal testing, or animal products. Suitable for all skin types, they are a unique combination of both traditional and cutting edge ingredients.


Natural 'Zoya' Pedicure – 45 minutes / £35


Why not treat your feet to....

•        A Foot Soak

•        Nail Shaping

•        Exfoliation

•        Moisturising Massage

•        'Zoya' Polish


Our therapist uses nail care products made by 'Zoya' the luxury eco-minded nail polish company that is the first nail polish company that is 100% non-toxic and ‘BIG10 Free’, meaning there's no toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, parabens, TPHP, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, dibutyl phthalate or lead in their formula, while remaining long-lasting, breathable and pregnancy safe. Zoya polishes also  haven't been tested on animals, are Vegan friendly and available in many beautiful colours.

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