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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi what is it and how can it help?   FEMALE CLIENTS ONLY

What is Hawaiian Lomi Lomi?

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi (Female clients only) – 90 minutes / £75

Would you like a massage that feels so relaxing it will make you feel like you've been on a two week holiday? Many people say Lomi Lomi is like being massaged by the waves of the ocean, and is the best massage you'll ever have.


Lomi Lomi is a unique healing massage created by the master healers of ancient Hawaii.
Forearms, elbows, wrists and hands move continuously over the body in a fluid, rhythmic motion, working gently yet deeply into the muscles. It feels like an endless Ebb & Flow of gentle waves, making it hard to tell where one movement ends and the next begins. This unique technique also incorporates stretches, underbody and deep tissue work, to leave you feeling totally nurtured, balanced, peaceful and relaxed.


No two Lomi Lomi Massages are the same; every massage is intuitively led with free flowing strokes in accordance with the client's individual needs and energy flow. Many people report once they have experienced the Lomi Lomi Massage they don't want a normal full body massage ever again. Try a Lomi Lomi Massage and know the true feeling of relaxation.


Hot Stones Hawaiian Lomi Lomi (Female clients only) - 90 minutes / £85

A calming and soothing massage, that works on many levels, mind, body and soul. It can do wonders in giving you an emotional boost, leaving you with a happier and more positive outlook on life.


It combines the long rhythmic strokes of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with the gliding of hot stones along the body, the heat from the stones relaxes the muscles allowing for a much deeper massage.

•        Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation

•        Reduces muscle pain

•        Alleviates stress and induces a feeling of well-being

•        Improves the circulation and energy flow

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