Bespoke Soft Tissue Therapy

Bespoke Soft Tissue Therapy what is it and how can it help?

What is Bespoke Soft Tissue Therapy?

Bespoke Soft Tissue Therapy is a treatment tailored to your specific needs and is unique to you and your requirements at the time of the session. It includes an in depth discussion and assessment, as well as a massage.

Our therapist offers different options as listed below:


Individual Bespoke Sessions  


Our therapist offers 60 or 90 minute bespoke sessions.
Every session is different depending on what you are presenting with that day, or what you are going through emotionally. No two sessions are the same.


Once you have had a chat about your current health and circumstances, our therapist will then use their extensive physiological knowledge and a large amount of intuition, to detect imbalances within your body. She will follow trains of tension throughout your fascial system and deal with what she finds on any given day.


Our therapist is trained in a number of modalities and mainly uses Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Cross Friction, Muscle Energy Technique (MET), Myofascial Release Technique, Systematic Kinesiology and Stretching, to get the optimum outcome.

Pain or Stress SOS


This package comprises three 90 minute appointments, in quick succession, to deal with any overwhelming emotional or physiological strain your body is currently going through.


After discussing your medical and lifestyle issues our therapist will explore where your pain is originating from as more often than not, it isn't where you think it is!
She will then follow trains of tension throughout your fascial system and deal with what she finds on any given day.

What can Bespoke Soft Tissue Therapy help with?

Bespoke Soft Tissue Therapy is suitable for most ages and for a variety of conditions, including:

  • musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction

  • relaxation

  • energising

  • insomnia

  • trapped/held emotions

  • headaches

  • 'office shoulders'

  • scar work

  • specific injury

  • anxiety* 

* Massage therapy has been found to be particularly effective and beneficial for anxiety in children.

To find out more about Bespoke Soft Tissue Therapy or to arrange a consultation, please follow the links below:

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