Anne Polet

Greenleaves Aromatherapy

About Anne

My name is Anne Polet, and I am the founder of Greenleaves Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy and essential oils have been a large part of my life both personally and professionally for over 30 years.
It was initially my career as a registered nurse, working mainly in the NHS that led me to exploring alternative ways of healing the body, mind and spirit. It was early in my nursing career, and I was fascinated as to why people with virtually the same diagnosis had very different outcomes. Also, the side-effects of certain treatments led me to ask – what else is there available for people? 

From the mid 1980s I was involved in a minor way with Bristol Cancer Help Centre, and was then given the opportunity to do my training in massage. I gained my ITEC diploma in Swedish massage in 1988. At this point I started adding some essential oils to my base oils for massage, and clients loved the extra benefit of the “fragrance”. 


My training in Aromatherapy was with a Belgian doctor of Aromatherapie. Lieve’s school and training was affiliated with Shirley Prices School, one of the founding schools of Aromatherapy in the UK. I gained my International Federation of Aromatherapy (IFA) diploma in  Aromatherapy in 1991.

I also have a BSc in Psychology and Health Science. This came about from a period of time working as prison nurse working with addiction and mental health issues. During the final year of my degree I conducted my own research using skin conductance testing, into the calming effects of essential oils.

I am a full member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists, and am required to undertake yearly continuous professional development. Studying and working with essential oils is a joy, and I consider it a journey of constant learning. 

I offer aromatherapy massage treatments, and aromatherapy blending only for physical and/or emotional issues, plus I co-run workshops in aromatherapy along with Georgie Fielden. Together we are known as Aromawizards.